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Holiday Scheduler (Days Based)

This is an exceptionally simple, low-cost way to chart holidays, sickness and training. If you have Microsoft Excel installed you’ll be up and running in minutes. Each MTIS Holiday Scheduler covers a specific year. Jan- Dec and Apr-Mar are standard. Other date ranges are available upon request.

Features of the Holiday Scheduler (Days Based) include:

  • 6 additional programmable codes
  • Overtime records
  • Calendars for all individuals
  • Sort by name and department
  • Sickness Statistics

Click here to see a video overview

Holiday Scheduler Mk IV is available in Jan- Dec and Apr-Mar versions.  Other versions are available on request.

Holiday Scheduler Mk IV

 For up to 15 people  £50
 For up to 30 people  £86
 For up to 45 people  £134
 For up to 60 people  £165
 For up to 90 people  £203
For up to 120 people £266
 For up to 150 people  £327
For up to 175 people £383
For up to 200 people £431

Holiday Scheduler (Hours Based)

Holiday Scheduler (Hours Based) has all the features of the standard holiday version but with the additional feature of tracking holiday entitlement measured in hours rather than days. It is available for up to 120 people with a choice of ‘hours-based’ or ‘days-based’ holidays for each employee.

 For up to 15 people  £50
 For up to 30 people  £86
 For up to 45 people  £134
For up to 60 people £165
For up to 90 people £203
For up to 120 people £266

Version History & Bug Fixes

In Microsoft Office 2013 file names that are 31 characters or greater can be an issue.  Future software has been changed to resolve this issue.