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Our Holiday & Sickness Planner Spreadsheet is the best way to reduce the cost of workplace absence.  It’s also the easiest way to manage holiday and sick leave.

Improve Productivity

Absence patterns can improve with proper management. The first step is in identifying them.  Our Holiday & Sickness Planner allows you to view holiday, sickness, overtime, and a variety of other absences such as jury duty at a glance either by month or by year.  With this knowledge, patterns can be addressed and adjustments can be made to increase attendance and overall productivity.

Would changes to the working environment or to the job itself increase productivity and reduce the number of absences?  This depends on the cause of the absences, but research shows that comfortable, consistent and efficient working environments are associated with low absenteeism.

Manage Sickness & Attendance Fairly & Legally

In order to manage attendance fairly and legally an employer needs to identify attendance standards and illustrate clearly and objectively whether those standards are being met. This includes establishing a transparent system in which employers and employees alike can view attendance records.  Our software allows attendance visibility as well as password protection to modify the spreadsheets as new employee input is gathered.

Collaborate & Share Information

The MTIS Holiday Scheduler allows employees to view and manage their holiday planning as well as their absences due to sickness.  With one system that can be accessed and used by everyone, the holiday and sickness planner spreadsheet simplifies the role of personnel and offers a method of scheduling that is transparent, efficient, and fair.

Low Cost Per Head Licensing

MTIS offers low cost per head licensing.  We do not share the details of any organisation and we offer payment across a secure data entry server in order to protect your personal information.  The MTIS Holiday Scheduler can be renewed each year, and transferring data is as simple as copying and pasting the names of staff into the new scheduler.