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If you have 10 or more employees, the best way to measure employee absenteeism is with an electronic scheduler.  The Holiday Scheduler provides individual calendars and offers a view of the full year person by person at the click of a button.  Overtime, sickness and holiday statistics are provided, and Holiday Scheduler helps to troubleshoot when repeated unauthorised absences are being taken.

Calculating Sick Time For Each Employee

Holiday Scheduler is easy to use and automatically shows you what percentage of the working month an employee has been sick or on holiday.  You can also see the full year for each employee on a single sheet, which will allow you to better measure absence patterns.

Helps Management to Prepare For Absences

The Holiday Scheduler also indicates potential support problems in months where a lot of holiday has been scheduled.  This can help managers bring in additional staff so they are not caught up short.

Holiday Scheduler Calculates Overtime

There’s an overtime feature in the Holiday Scheduler that allows you to input overtime.  Simply add the number of overtime hours worked, which will then be reported in the individual reports.  If you then visit individual reports you’ll see the total overtime recorded and a monthly tabulation and percentages of time absent.

Software Versions

Our Holiday Scheduler works with Microsoft Excel.  Employees with familiarity with Microsoft Excel will already be aware of the way to operate this software, as many of the basic commands are the same.

Registering and setting up the holiday scheduler is easy.  You can change the order in which the information is displayed by clicking on the ‘name or ‘department’.  Copying and pasting can be used throughout the worksheet in the same way that it works in Microsoft Excel.

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