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Do I have to renew MTIS Holiday Scheduler each year?

Yes. Each MTIS Holiday Scheduler covers a specific year. The schedulers for the following year are published an put onto the website by July.

Can I transfer data from one year to the next?

Yes. The data you will probably want to transfer are the entries in the “Insert Name” worksheet. These can simply be copied and pasted into the new scheduler. If you have staff that are no longer with you organisation simply edit their entry. Do not delete rows or cells!

Can I restrict who can modify the scheduler?

Yes. Select “Save as”, “Tools”, “General Options” this will give you the opportunity to add passwords for both viewing and modifying. 

Can I add comments to an entry?

Yes. Select “Tools”, “Protection”, “Un-protect sheet”. Put the cursor in the cell to which you wish to add a comment, select “Insert”, “Comment” and then simply add your comments in the box. When you have finished click the “Add Colours” button which will put the protection back on. 

Can I sort entries by departments?

Yes. The title boxes for “Names” and “Departments” can be clicked to sort. Clicking Names sorts by name and clicking Departments sorts by department.

It is suggested that you enter names in the “Insert Names” worksheet as Surname, First Name this will then allow for the sort by names to order the list by surname.

By sorting December by name you will also be sorting the selection boxes in the “Individual Calendars” and “Individual Reports”.

How do I purchase a licence?

If you are in the UK simply send an e-mail to stating which version you require and a registered file and an invoice will be sent to you. Alternatively download the file you require and pay on the “Register” page.