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A highly motivated team of employees will have less absence and more company morale.  These are the ingredients that keep employees engaged and productive.  How do we achieve this?

Reducing Work Stress to Improve Staff Motivation

Employees tend to take absences due to a high level of stress, according to recent research, though that is not how they report the absence to employers.  This is due to the stigma of stress being perceived as a weakness.

How to Improve Work Morale & Staff Motivation

If stress causes a number of workplace related absences then the key to absence reduction is to lower workplace stress.  This can include much needed adjustments to a range of sociological workplace conditions from authoritarian, inflexible management to a culture of outright harassment and bullying.

It can help to create an environment where employees feel that they can communicate with management.  For example, many companies will schedule to meet regularly with employees and discuss issues or make suggestions to each other for improvement.

Sometimes it’s the physical environment that needs improvement.  Air purifiers and modern equipment can rejuvenate an office and create a more comfortable atmosphere to work.  Employees with chronic back problems may benefit from an ergonomic chair.  Relaxed policies also improve morale, including, where possible, flexible working hours.

Utilising Incentives to Increase Attendance Rates

Another factor that has been shown to improve morale is to offer incentives to improve attendance.  Some companies allow workers to leave early on the last day of each month that they achieve perfect attendance.

One of the benefits of the Holiday Scheduler is that employees can easily access their attendance records.  It helps them to keep track of days used and to consciously reduce their absenteeism by becoming more aware of it.  This is especially useful when employees are trying to achieve attendance incentives.

Studies show that team morale is higher in companies with less absence.  These tend to be companies that have consistent policies of attendance, follow up on absences and conduct timely ‘return to work’ interviews with managerial staff.  Each of these steps begins with a system of monitoring attendance that is easy to use and, in this case, free to trial.

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