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Helpful Hints & Tips

The following useful tips will help you to navigate the Holiday Scheduler.

Password Protecting a Document

You can password protect a document if you wish for only a certain number of people to be able to modify it.  All staff will still be able to view the document.  To password protect a document from being modified, select ‘Save As’, then ‘Tools’, then ‘General Options’ and you will be given two boxes in which you can enter passwords both for viewing and for modifying.

Unprotect Calendar Pages

The calendar pages of the Holiday Scheduler are protected, but not with a password.  You can ‘unprotect it’ and implement some of the Excel features by clicking on ‘Tools’, then ‘Protection’, and then ‘Unprotect Sheet’.

Changing List of Employees Names

The order in which employees are displayed in each of the monthly sheets can be changed. By clicking on the title ‘Name’ the list is sorted in alphabetical order, by clicking on ‘Department’ the departments are sorted alphabetically and by clicking on ‘Reset’ it is ordered as it is in the ‘Input Names’ sheet. What some users may be unaware of is that the sort order of the December sheet determines the order of the selection boxes in the ‘Individual Calendars’ and ‘Individual Reports’.

How to Add Comments

You can add comments to an entry in the calendar. The calendar pages of the Holiday Scheduler are protected but not with a password. This means that if you wish to use some Excel features you can do so by simply selecting ‘Tools’, ‘Protection’, ‘Un-protect Sheet’. You can then for example add a comment to a cell by selecting ‘Insert’, ‘Comment’. To put the protection back on the sheet simply select ‘Apply Colours’ (If you use Excel 2007 or later please select ‘Review’, ‘Un-protect Sheet’, ‘New Comment’).