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Absence management is a strategy for reducing the number of short and long term absences. Controlling absences can have a major impact on whether or not a company is successful.  Does your company have an absence problem?  One of the ways to determine this is by implementing a system of effective monitoring.

The Cost of Absenteeism

Companies lose 30 billion per year from absenteeism.  Absence affects company morale, especially when it is not addressed consistently or there is not a clear sickness absence policy.  The cost of absenteeism extends to a number of factors.  These include wages paid to absent workers, higher cost replacement workers, additional training, possible overtime and excess management time for responding to absence.  Any extra work that needs to be covered can lead to poor morale among employees.

Though absences occur as an inevitable result of life challenges and ill health, it is unscheduled habitual absences that are most threatening to the success of a company.

What Can I Do To Manage Absenteeism?

Monitoring and responding to absences are one of the best methods of absence management and can help a company save money.  Absence management begins with having a clear policy outlined with absence procedures and ‘trigger points’ for action, options for incentives and preventative initiatives.

The next step is to consistently address absences that occur, especially in the event of an emerging pattern of unscheduled short term absences.  This is where monitoring and record keeping are essential.  We offer the Holiday Scheduler as a method of recording and managing absences.

Once absences are identified, and the length of absence is confirmed, changes can be made that will decrease future absences for individual employees and the company as a whole.  It may be simple adjustments to the workplace, flexibility added to the hours or a change in duties.  There may exist problems among staff which are contributing to absences that can be addressed and improved upon.

Whatever the issue, the first step in managing absenteeism is to identify it.  For more information on our Holiday Scheduler, contact MTIS today.