The Easy Way To Manage Holiday And Sick Leave
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Support Area

Our support area will help you to navigate our useful tips, become aware of compatibility issues and review our helpful training videos.

Useful Tips

In our useful tips area we show you how to password protect a document from modification.  All staff will still be able to view the spreadsheet, they just won’t be able to make changes to it without a password.  Other issues that are addressed include how to ‘unprotect’ calendar pages, and how to change the lists of employee names and departments.  We also provide information on how to add comments to the calendar by ‘unprotecting’ it.

Essentially, this section makes the Holiday Scheduler even easier to use by highlighting useful pieces of information and ways to navigate through records, calendars and departments.

Pre Requisites & Compatibility Issues

The only pre requisite is Microsoft Excel.

If there are any compatibility issues they will be addressed in this section.  For example, long file names in Office 2013 can be an issue.  This includes file names that are greater than 31 characters. We’ve made changes to future software to resolve this issue.

Training Videos

The following training videos will help show you how to download, set up and use our Holiday Scheduler. The videos are each between 1-7 minutes long, and will show you our Holiday Scheduler in action.  Utilising these videos is one of the fastest and easiest ways you can set up and best utilise your absence management.

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