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We offer the following resources on sound HR practices and how to maximise employee relations.  These downloads are full of practical resources and ideas to improve productivity and best absence management practices.

Acas Absence Management Resources

Acas is an independent organisation that seeks to improve working life and industrial relations.  It is a non-departmental public body of the government of the United Kingdom.   Acas stands for the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, and its history dates back to 1896.  The following PDF specifically provides information on managing attendance and employee turnover, as well as helpful and up to date material on employment relation issues.

PDF Download- ACAS/ DWP Managing Attendance and Employee Turnover

CIPD Absence Management Resources

CIPD is the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, which is a professional human resource organisation that seeks to improve organisational development, raise standards and provide practical support to individuals, businesses and society as a whole.  CIPD was founded in 1913 and today has over 135,000 members in volunteer, public and private sectors.

The following PDF offers the fifteenth edition of CIPD’s absence management survey report.  Some of the information provided tracks absence levels, absence management strategies and socioeconomic factors that influence productivity.

PDF Download- CIPD Absence Measurement & Management

Strategies on absence are continually evolving, especially with socio economic changes at play and a growing recognition of the identification and management of stress at work.  It’s important for organisations to keep on top of trends and best practice in order to maximise their own productivity.

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