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The importance of back-ups, filenames and password protection.

By 22 March 2013September 27th, 2017No Comments

The recent experiences of two Holiday Scheduler customers demonstrate the importance of backing up your files.
The experience of the first customer was that he managed to overwrite his current staff holiday planner with the original blank file whilst moving some old files from his laptop. Unfortunately he stored the file in a location that was not routinely backed up. All the data was lost and he had to go back through his records and rebuild the holiday records. There are two lessons in this. The first is to regularly back up your files and the second is to rename the file once you have stated to use it.

The second experience was a customer that gave complete access to the Holiday Scheduler to all staff. Unfortunately one member of staff, not quite knowing what they were doing put a password protection on the workbook and then forgot the password. The file was totally locked. Fortunately they did keep the file in a location that was backed up. They were able to restore the file with only a small amount of data needing re-entering. The second lesson here is to only give read access to the majority of staff and modifying access to those that administer the file.

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