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Useful Tips

Useful Tips

By 11 February 2013September 27th, 2017No Comments

One thing that we have discovered over the years is that customers are not always aware or have forgotten some of the useful features of Holiday Scheduler.
Therefore in this blog we will occasionally describe some of these features.

Password Protection
If you wish only certain people to modify the holiday scheduler yet want all staff to see it you can set a password for modifying. Select “Save-as”, “Tools”, “General Options” you will then be given two boxes where you can enter passwords for modifying and for viewing.

Add Comments
Add comments to an entry in the calendar. The calendar pages of the Holiday Scheduler are protected but not with a password. This means that if you wish to use some Excel features you can do so by simply selecting “Tools”, “Protection”, “Un-protect Sheet”. You can then for example add a comment to a cell by selecting “Insert”, “Comment”. To put the protection back on the sheet simply select “Apply Colours” (If you use Excel 2007 or later please select “Review”, “Un-protect Sheet”, “New Comment”)